My Infant Massage Classes

I offer a limited number of group infant massage classes.  Please contact me so that I can discuss with you your needs and we can come up with an arrangement that will hopefully suit everyone. Alternatively, there are other infant massage instructors in the Wellington area who I can refer you to, for further info, please contact me


Working Mums/Dads/Carers - in the evenings and at weekends
Stay-at-home Parents/Carers - in the daytime during the working week

Image of Group Class

90 minute Group sessions
(max 7 babies)

Total cost to complete the full infant massage course of 5 group sessions is $125 per infant. Minimum of 5 babies/Max 7 babies for a group session. Any venue costs will be in addition to that and split between the number of families attending.


I can visit you in your own home at a time convenient for you, so that you can have private instruction in infant massage. This also means that other members of your family can learn too.

60 minute private sessions
Total cost to complete the full infant massage course of 3 private sessions is $240 per infant.


For further details of my classes please contact me.